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Free Twitter Software & AdderOn the road to building 100,000 Twitter followers for our Twitter marketing challenge with free Twitter software

For the next part of the challenge, I decided that it was too much to try and get hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers manually. I needed some resources, in terms of tips, tricks, software and more.

Of course, I don't want to spend an overly excessive amount for the sake of this challenge, so the plan is to use free resources in order to get as much information and hidden techniques on building Twitter followers as well. 

Today's article shows where I went to get some great Twitter items, as well as a list of those items which you can get too.


A Free Treasure Trove

Like I said, I'm starting out this challenge preparing myself with all the necessary equipment and information to do what I need to do. I don't want to spend to much, so when it comes to times like this, it's best for you to have a look at the War Room in the Warrior Forum.

You may or may not be a member of the War Room, but if you are not, I would highly recommend you to join. :)

It is only a one time payment fee, and generous Warriors continue to contribute their premium products for paid members behind the scenes. It's also a good place to start of if you are a beginner without the income to invest in a lot of training and tools.

If you are a member of the War Room already, then here are some links to useful Twitter-related material that you may find useful if you are participating in the challenge to get 100,000 Twitter followers as well. These links are only accessible to War Room members:

>> Pearly Dean's Twitter Guide: A guide to using Twitter, including software recommendations.

>> Textbook Twitter Marketing: A comprehensive video course on using Twitter.

>> Twitter Adder & Remover: A software for adding and unadding people from Twitter.

>> Twitter Affiliate Elite: Training course for the elite affiliate Twitter marketer.

>> Twitter iMacros Adder: An iMacros for adding people on Twitter.

>> Twitter Lead System: Getting hot leads by using Twitter effectively.

>> Twitter Marketing Software: A software for following and unfollowing on Twitter.

>> Twitter SEO Guide: A comprehensive Twitter guide on combining Twitter and SEO.

>> Ultimate Twitter Software: The ultimate software for getting your viral Twitter traffic.

>> Viral Twitter Tactic: A simple viral technique for getting Twitter traffic.

Well, things in the War Room are a bit messy, so it's good to have a list like this on hand. For people who are not members of the War Room, in the next section I will list some great resources for free Twitter software…


Free Twitter Software

Here is a free Twitter software resource that I found. Feel free to download and use it as you strive to reach the goal of 100,000 Twitter followers. I will add more software resources to this list once I find them:

>> Tweet Attacks

Tweet Attacks is a powerful tool for following and unfollowing people on Twitter. They have a premium paid version, but you can download the free version by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. The main benefit of this software is that it doesn't use the Twitter API, and so greatly reduces the chances of your Twitter account getting banned.



For the next part of the Twitter challenge series, I will begin using some of the software in order to increase the number of Twitter followers that I have. Stay tuned, and remember to tweet this page. ;)


Allen Walker