WP Twin Review & Bonus

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WP Twin Review & Bonus

This page is a WP Twin Review & Bonus – Click below if you are looking for the:


Introduction to WPTwin

WP Twin is a revolutionary new software that is changing the landscape of internet marketing as we know it.

It has been developed by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos.

What does it do? It clones your WordPress blogs exactly as you have them.

That includes all your themes, plugins, settings, blog posts, comments, everything!

Why is it so revolutionary? Because there has been no other software capable of duplicating your WordPress blog to such a degree so far… Until now…

More details below…



Who are Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos?

Jason Fladlien – A time management madman and experienced internet marketer, who went from painting houses to earning 6 figures a month in just 3 years. His other popular products include Double Your Productivity For Life and the Poor Man’s Product Launch.

Wilson Mattos – Experienced IT and tech guy, also an outstanding marketer who is constantly conducting brilliant webinars.


Who is it for?

  • Any serious internet marketer who is using WordPress as the basis of their site.
  • People who create tons of mini sites on a regular basis.
  • People who keep creating the same type of site over and over again.
  • People who want to totally hacker-proof and break-proof their blog.
  • People who are in the business of transferring sites across hosts.
  • Simply anyone who is using a WordPress blog in any way.



WP Twin is a WordPress script, not a plugin. That means that it will work flawlessly on any version of WordPress.

Comes with two main files, WPTwin.php and WPTwinDeploy.php.

The concept is simple. Upload WPTwin.php to your blog and access the page to instantly clone and download your blog.

Upload WPTwinDeploy.php to your new WordPress blog to instantly recreate it.

Simple and easy to use, can recreate your blog instantly in minutes.

Watch the video on this page for detailed demonstration of how it works – WP Twin Video


Additional Value

Includes free exclusive plugin for instantly creating salesletters and copy, sales letter clone bonus.

Free technical support and 30 day money back guarantee.

Works with PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or any other smartphone.

Exclusive member’s access to WPTwin Marketplace where you can sell your clones to others. All the marketing is done for you.



  • Saves you a ton of time installing plugins, themes, and adjusting settings when creating a new site.
  • Hacker-proof your site completely. If anything happens to your site, just delete it and deploy it again in minutes!
  • No more worries about WordPress breaking, or the white screen of death.
  • Move your sites from one place to another with extreme ease.
  • Create website templates that you can use again and again in any situation.
  • Give you the competitive edge against others in the marketplace.


How Can You Use It

  • Setup Instant Pre-made Salesletters
  • Setup Instant Pre-made Squeeze Pages
  • Hackerproof Your Site
  • Easiest Way to Regularly Backup WordPress
  • Delete your whole site and restore it to normal in less than 2 minutes
  • Get paid to backup WordPress for other people
  • Safeguard against broken WordPress installations due to plugins
  • Easy backups before updating
  • Works with any version of WordPress because it’s a script
  • Get paid to move a site from one hosting account to another
  • Easily transfer a site that you sell on Flippa
  • Pay someone to find clients who want their sites moved and charge them for it
  • Find offline clients who pay you to create sites for them
  • Sell pre-created clones to clients in the offline marketing niche
  • Clone a product launch sequence again and again
  • And more…



Overall, everything was very smooth for me. Great support and service.

Only problem – it has a slight bug when used with WP Super Cache.

If you clone a blog with WP Super Cache on, you can’t see the download link for the clone. They are working on fixing this.

How to solve the problem – Simple log out of your WordPress admin panel, and then log in again.


How Much Does It Cost?

$97, one-time fee. Use it again and again on unlimited number of sites.


My Comments

Great software. A must-have for any serious internet marketer!

Does everything that I hoped for it to do, and more.

I never have to worry about my sites breaking down again. I once had a PR 4 WordPress blog break down on me….

I’ve gone from creating fully-loaded sites in 20 to 30 minutes, all the way down to 5 to 10 minutes.

I highly recommend you to click here and get this script now. ;)

Remember to get my exclusive WP Twin Bonus below as well…


WP Twin Bonus

A sample of the great bonuses you can get when you purchase WP Twin from the link below:

20 Twitter Templates                (Worth: $97)
50 Product Review Articles for Clickbank    (Worth: $167)
How to Get the Guts to Talk to Anyone        (Worth: $47)
How to Sell Anything to Anyone            (Worth: $47)
Internet Business Basics            (Worth: $197)
*Mechanical Web Traffic                (Worth: $97)
*Millionaire Profits System            (Worth: $197)
Online Marketing                (Worth: $97)
*Outsourcing Secrets Revealed            (Worth: $67)
Internet Empire                    (Worth: $47)
The Mysterious Adsense Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Article Tool            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Blogging Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious CPA Box                (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Duplicate Tool            (Worth: $67)
*The Mysterious Master Collection Box        (Worth: $300)
The Mysterious PLR Article Collection        (Worth: $1970)
*The Mysterious Project Tool            (Worth: $67)
The Mysterious Social Media Box            (Worth: $197)
The Mysterious Spinner Tool            (Worth: $67)
The Mysterious Twitter Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Video Marketing Box        (Worth: $97)
Turbo Traffic Generation & Maintenance        (Worth: $47)
Web Traffic Explosion                (Worth: $47)
and much more….



To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1Clear your browser cookies and then purchase WP Twin from


STEP 2 – Forward me your receipt, along with the name and email you used when purchasing the item, to the following email address:


*Replace [at] with @

STEP 3 – Wait for my reply. I’ll get back to you ASAP with your bonuses! ;)

STEP 4 – If you don’t get your bonus within a few days, please check your junk mail folder, as sometimes it gets blocked. :( If you don’t find it there, then please contact me using the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Sorry for any inconveniences!




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