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Your Online Business: Should You Really Treat It Like a Business?

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If you are reading this, you are probably someone who runs your online business from the comfort of your own home. There are many advantages and disadvantages of having your own business and doing it from the comfort of your home office. One of the disadvantages is that you don't have a boss to look after you, and some people tend to be unproductive and not take their work very seriously due to the fact. As a result of this problem, I'm sure that you must have heard many other internet marketers and entrepreneurs quote this...

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How to Think Outside the Box: 10 Stages of the Box

Posted in Random Things

Do you need to know how to think outside the box? As online marketers and entrepreneurs, it's very important that we manage to differentiate ourselves, not only in terms of the way we present ourselves, but also in the way we approach problems and deliver solutions to those problems. It may be just that you are trying to think of a new way to market your products in order to earn a better income online, or you may be wanting to establish yourself as a solid and recognizable top-of-mind brand in the market. In a sense, you need to instill...

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[FREE] 101 Twitter Impersonations

Posted in eBooks

If you love Twitter, then you'll definitely enjoy having this book added to your collection. It's more of a work of art than an internet marketing book, but a great read for a boring or rainy day. Relive some of the most nostalgic moment in history through twitter! Click on the link below to download this nice little book written by myself.   101 Twitter Impersonations   Cheers, The Mysterious...

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Free Internet Marketing Tools & Courses

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  Hi guys!   Here's something exciting for you to take note of today! I'm opening a new category in the blog, which is related to giving you updates on free SEO plus internet marketing tools, gadgets, courses, training, and more! If you want to get yourself some great free tools, then be sure to check out the new "Free" category of the blog from time to time. Latest updates will also show up on the front page of the blog. Remember to sign up to my newsletter on the right side of this blog if you want to be...

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