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Surefire MarketingSurefire Marketing Inc is an online marketing company founded by Yanik Silver of online marketing fame. The company is well-known for its internet marketing solutions, as well as its adventurous meetups, which include the Underground Online Seminar and the series of Maverick Business Adventures in various countries around the world. The business has been featured prominently on the news screens, including Fox Business News and more.





Company Products



Special Edition Using Linux>> Web Copy Secrets

Web Copy Secrets Review | Web Copy Secrets Bonus

Invest and quickly access this series of effective techniques that are being used by some of the top sites on the web. Watch and learn and they show you some never revealed before strategies.


Special Edition Using Linux>> Underground Online Seminar

Underground Online Seminar Review | Underground Online Seminar Bonus

This underground seminar is a place where the best of the online marketing world gather. Meet underground experts who are quietly earning millions of dollars from their secrets methods which are now revealed.


Special Edition Using Linux>> Ultimate Copywriting Workshop

Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Review | Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Bonus

One of the world's best copywriters now unveils to the publics every little secret that he uses to turn his words into hard cold cash. A series of powerful methods that you can learn to rely on.


Public Domain Riches>> Public Domain Riches

Public Domain Riches Review | Public Domain Riches Bonus

The production of products can be something of difficulty, but it doesn't have to be anymore. Discover how you can gain unique access to a series of public domain works that will simplify your life.


Public Domain Goldmine>> Public Domain Goldmine

Public Domain Goldmine Review | Public Domain Goldmine Bonus

Some of the top markets in the world are places where you can earn a great living. Yanik offers you the chance to get high quality public domain works in these markets that you can start profiting from.


Special Edition Using Linux>> Power Pause

Power Pause Review | Power Pause Bonus

Do you need a change in the way you look at business and life? This might help to bring your current status to a whole new level. A 3-minute, 3-step formula for personal success and real happiness is here.


Moonlighting on the Internet>> Moonlighting on the Internet

Moonlighting on the Internet Review | Moonlighting on the Internet Bonus

Already have a job that you use to earn a full time living? No problem. You can leverage the power of the internet to earn you massive money 24/7, with this no-holds blueprint by Yanik.


Mind Motivators>> Mind Motivators

Mind Motivators Review | Mind Motivators Bonus

Keep your customers and buyers coming back again and again, hungry for more of what you have to offer. Quickly and easily turn your hesitant prospects into great buyers that you can rely on.


Million Dollar Emails>> Million Dollar Emails

Million Dollar Emails Review | Million Dollar Emails Bonus

Drop anywhere in the world from an airplane, and at the click of the button you can immediately start filling your bank account with cash. Email marketing has it's secrets, revealed right here.


Maverick Business Insider>> Maverick Business Insider

Maverick Business Insider Review | Maverick Business Insider Bonus

The Maverick Enterpreneurs are a close knit group of people who are learning the higher level secrets of making some powerful income. Join the people who have accessed the $15,000 seminar.


Maverick Business Adventures>> Maverick Business Adventures

Maverick Business Adventures Review | Maverick Business Adventures Bonus

Discover the secrets of building a powerful online business in a really fun way. This series of business adventures is meant for the development of the fittest, both in business and in life.


Magnetic Marketing>> Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing Review | Magnetic Marketing Bonus

You might actually be repelling or turning away prospects without you even knowing in. Discover how you can attract your customers toward you as you build your massive online empire right here.


Instant Sales Letters>> Instant Sales Letters

Instant Sales Letters Review | Instant Sales Letters Bonus

No copywriting experience at all? That's not a problem with this instant solution for producing sales letters at your finger tips. Produce stunning sales letters to help you sell in just a matter of minutes.


Special Edition Using Linux>> Instant Marketing Toolbox

Instant Marketing Toolbox Review | Instant Marketing Toolbox Bonus

Are you experiencing poor results in your business and your marketing? Gain the access you need to this special turn-key solution for building up your business in the right way and see yourself changed.


Info Players Workshop>> Info Players Workshop

Info Players Workshop Review | Info Players Workshop Bonus

The Ultimate A-to-Z Information and facts Marketing Brain-in-a-Box allows you to put into action and discover the essential secrets that are being used by Yanik to run his seven figure online empire.


Copywriting Seminar in a Box>> Copywriting Seminar in a Box

Copywriting Seminar in a Box Review | Copywriting Seminar in a Box Bonus

There are many seminars that you will never gain access to, but this special seminar recording unveils to you the secrets that Dan Kennedy uses to morph the literal word into the literal cash.


Best of Underground Online Seminar>> Best of Underground Online Seminar

Best of Underground Online Seminar Review | Best of Underground Online Seminar Bonus

Even if you didn't have the chance to attend the yearly underground seminar that is being attended by the experts, you will be able to be able to get the best of the best recordings from it right here.


Autoresponder Magic>> Autoresponder Magic

Autoresponder Magic Review | Autoresponder Magic Bonus

If you aren't using autoresponders yet, or you simply don't know the best way to use them, you should learn the secrets as soon as you can. Put your business on complete autopilot and get results now.


33 Days to Online Profits Video CDs>> 33 Days to Online Profits Video CDs

33 Days to Online Profits Video CDs Review | 33 Days to Online Profits Video CDs Bonus

This series presents audio and video training in order to help you go from start to profit in just 33 days. Something you can watch and hear is now delivered right to your front door.


33 Days to Online Profits>> 33 Days to Online Profits

33 Days to Online Profits Review | 33 Days to Online Profits Bonus

In just 33 days, you will be given the chance to go from start to profit as Yanik shows you the right steps. You will be given a comprehensive daily methodology that you can follow in order to build your business.





Free Brochures & Videos


Maverick Enterpreneurs Live Webinar>> Maverick Enterpreneurs Live Webinar

You are about to be introduced to some of the most powerful minds on the internet, who are earning millions using various techniques and methods at their disposal. Learn their secrets and philosophies to making more money online while having more fun.



The Maverick Manifesto>> The Maverick Manifesto

This video will show you parts of Yanik's life that have never been revealed to the public before. Along with that, learn how you can achieve your own personal freedom with your online business and bring yourself to new heights that you have never reached before.





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