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Traffic Dashboard Review


This page is a Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard Review – Click below if you are looking for:

*Note: If you are looking for the Kim Roach Traffic Dashboard, click here instead. At the bottom of this page, we compare both dashboards and show you the difference between the two.




Just got myself a copy of Traffic Dashboard, and as is customary with me, after I get a copy of a product, I review it… :)

The Traffic Dashboard is another addition to the Marlon Sanders Dashboard product line, and it is his latest step-by-step formula to driving massive amounts of traffic to your site.

Marlon Sanders is well-known for being the absolute king of step-by-step marketing, and if you have been a customer of one or more of his products, you will understand what I mean by that.

His products don’t just give you tons of information and expect you to take it and run with it, but the information is organized in a step-by-step logical and organized manner in which you can consume the concepts and to start putting the plan into action.

The Traffic Dashboard is no exception to this rule, and the steps in this course are organized by category, by icons, and are meant to be consumed on a daily basis over a period of six weeks.

I’ve gotten myself a copy of this course, gone through it and am applying the principles taught. There’s a lot of information in this course about various powerful methods for driving traffic, and it caters to both beginners and advanced marketers.

Let’s begin my review of this product, and you’ll find more information and helpful facts on it as you scroll down through the review below…



Who is Marlon Sanders?


Marlon SandersMarlon Sanders is a well-recognized online marketer, direct response copywriter, author, and highly sought after speaker. You could say that he is regarded by many in the internet marketing industry as one of the living legends of online marketing.

If you haven’t heard of him before, you must be new to online marketing… I welcome you :)

As mentioned previously, one of his key achievements is for being known as the undisputed king of step-by-step marketing. His products typically take the form of a logically organized dashboard, which users can go through simply by clicking on the icons and following some simple steps.

He has been marketing online even since the internet was first invented, and it is well worth the time taken to listen to his experience of over 12 years marketing on the internet. He was also the author of the first 100% digitally delivered eBook on online marketing.

One of the key reasons for the success of his products over the years is because, due to the way they are presented, it’s very easy for users to follow through on the steps in the processes and achieve success in their business.

Also, unlike many of today’s modern marketers, Marlon really does a ton of research and puts in a lot of effort into his products. His stuff has stood the test of time, and he doesn’t hold back when he creates a product.



Behind the Scenes


The Traffic Dashboard is not a fly-by-night product that was made one week before launch and crammed with some radical ideas that no one has ever tested out or tried before.

I know that many of the recent products being launched into the market are like that. During launch week, those products amass a ton of sales and refunds, and after the launch is over they get discarded and disappear into oblivion.

Traffic Dashboard is NOT one of those products.

Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard

In order to make sure that Traffic Dashboard was fit for human consumption, Marlon spent two to three years of research and testing into the most powerful traffic generation methods available online. He didn’t just read through a bunch of free ebooks and forum threads and put together some info in order to make this course.

A lot of testing and experimentation was put into it in order to determine the actual results, and current customers of the Traffic Dashboard can clearly see this from all of the included case studies, screenshots and testing results available in the member’s area.

Also, Marlon draws heavily from his own personal experience on generating millions of views to his sites.

Apart from that, one big thing that sets the Traffic Dashboard apart from other products is the fact that Marlon spent a lot of time interviewing some of the top experts in their fields of traffic generation in order to discover the best methods and results that work even today.

Where else would you get a product creator who would go to such lengths to create the perfect product?

Some of the experts that Marlon interviewed in researching this product include:

  • Peter Parks (The Web 2.0 Expert)
  • Rusty Moore (The Squidoo Expert)
  • Sean Mize (The #1 Ezine Articles Author)
  • and more…

You will also be included some of those interview recordings as part of a special bonus for purchasing the Traffic Dashboard. More on that later…

But, indeed it’s very rare to find a course that took this much effort and time to make and yet is selling for such a low price.



Who Is Traffic Dashboard For?


Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced online marketer, Traffic Dashboard has something that can meet your needs.

I know some very experienced marketers who purchased Traffic Dashboard as well, and they were able to put the principles into action and started getting more sales and subscribers right away. Being an advanced marketer myself, I have taken out some great stuff for my own personal use. ;)

In short, the principles in this course work.

For newbies who are just recently starting out and need a hand in ramping up their traffic, there are included terms and definitions included as well to guide you on the way just in case you aren’t familiar.

From what you can find in the dashboard, this product has something for everyone. Of course, the flow of the product is generally beginning from a more basic and simple standpoint, and bringing that up to the next level with more advanced methods and tactics.

Also, whether you are interested in paid or free traffic, Traffic Dashboard covers a lot of different alternatives on both sides.

If you are someone who has been shaken to the bone by the recent Google Farmer Algorithm Update, this course has been created addressing that issue in mind as well, so it’s as fresh in content as it gets.

Lastly, if you are someone who likes step-by-step learning, in an organized and very straight forward manner, I guess you could say that this is as close to spoon-feeding as it gets. Log into your member’s area, click on an icon, follow some simple steps, and start generating massive traffic to your site.



Traffic Dashboard Sneakpeak


Well, I haven’t done this for a while with my recent reviews, just because I’m lazy, but here are a few screenshots below just to show you proof that I’ve been through this product. :)

After you purchase the Traffic Dashboard, you will be able to login with your details. Initially after you have logged in, you will be brought to the member’s area where you can access all of your purchases on the right side of the screen as shown below:

Buy Traffic Dashboard

As you can see from the pointy red arrows in the screenshot, this is my member’s area. And I am able to access my Traffic Dashboard order on the right hand side of the screen, simply by click on the link that says “The Traffic Dashboard Product“.

After clicking on the link, you will then be brought to the Traffic Dashboard area, as shown below.

Traffic Dashboard Screenshot

As you can see, the dashboard is divided into three main areas.

The column on the left divides the whole dashboard into 6 categories, each of which make up one main weekly step that you will be going through each coming week.

Each week you will be dealing with a different category of traffic generation. In order of week, the types of traffic generation methods that you will be learning include:

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Banner Ad Marketing
  5. Email Drops
  6. Affiliate Marketing

The thing that these six traffic generation categories have in common are that they make up the most important and popular methods of driving targeted traffic to a site, and are constantly being talked about by marketers everywhere.

In the middle of the screen, you will find some play and stop buttons that you can click on. Pressing play will start a recording of Marlon giving you an overview of what you will be doing for that particular week.

Considering that the whole dashboard is text-based rather than video-based as most courses are, it can be quite satisfying to have some audio assurance.

On the right side of the screen, you will find the icons that lead to each daily module. As you can see, the icons have short titles that tell you what you will be learning about on that day.

With each week having six daily icons for you to click on and go through, I guess that Marlon left one icon out so that you could have one day to take a break for each week. :P

Now that we’ve been through an overview of the Traffic Dashboard and have seen how things are laid out, let’s go into how each daily icon is going to be laid out for you and what you can expect to get from each of them…



Dashboard Modules


Before we go into looking at one of the modules to show you what’s inside, one thing that you should note is that this product focuses on the use of text and image screenshots. It is not a video product, like many other products.

The reason for this is because video is not a very popular medium when it comes to learning among internet marketers. I don’t particularly like video courses myself. :P

Videos take too long to go through, you have to pause them every time you take notes, you have to search very hard to find something you want to remember, and the loading time can be a bit long for slower connections. Even video transcriptions don’t do much good because they only show what’s being spoken, and not what’s being displayed.

The advantage of Traffic Dashboard in this area is that it uses a lot of screenshots so you can easily follow along at your own pace.

If the product had been only text, and without any screenshots, I doubt that it would have been acceptable because just plain text is too hard to follow when it comes to some of the more technical stuff if you don’t have pictures to show you.

We’re all busy people, so for those of you without enough time, you will be able to go through the daily modules much quicker.

Now without further ado, let’s first look at the various module icons contained in each of the respective weeks. Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what’s inside each one, but I’ve included a few key highlights of each module so you know what you’re going to get in your dashboard:


Week 1 – Article Marketing

Traffic Dashboard Article Marketing

Despite what people say, article marketing still works and it works like gangbusters. How to use article marketing to drive massive traffic and income fast. The latest Google crackdown on content farms is taken into consideration and adjusted for already.

Contains the results of extensive testing and research, including tests and statistics on results with different article directories.

One of the many key highlights of this section:

How to Achieve Clickthrough Rates of 32% or More from Ezine Articles


  • 01. Choose Keywords
  • 02. Write Articles
  • 03. Author Bio Resource Box
  • 04. Landing Page
  • 05. Submit and Tweak
  • 06. Outsource More Articles


Week 2 – Search Engine Optimization

Traffic Dashboard SEO

This module shows you how you can rank well in the search engines and get traffic from targeted searchers. A massive free traffic source with so many myths and misconceptions. This week clears away those myths and gets you on track.

One of the many key highlights of this section:

How to Go From 0 to 1000 Visitors a Day in 6 Months or Less


  • 07. The Concepts
  • 08. On Page SEO
  • 09. Keywords
  • 10. Zero to 1000
  • 11. SEO Press
  • 12. SEO Research


Week 3 – Social Media Marketing

Traffic Dashboard Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is definitely something powerful that you should be tapping into. However, so many people are clueless about this area. Learn how you can use the giants of Web 2.0 to bring in millions of visitors to your site.

Take note of the highly guarded secret of the Epiphany, however. It will change the way you look at traffic generation, forever…

One of the many key highlights of this section:

The Ultimate Secret Epiphany. Never Ever Worry About Free Traffic Again


  • 13. Facebook Ads
  • 14. YouTube
  • 15. Video Sites
  • 16. Squidoo Lenses
  • 17. The Epiphany
  • 18. Images


Week 4 – Banner Ad Marketing

Traffic Dashboard Banner Ad Marketing

Banner advertising gives you some serious advantages when it comes to paid advertising. Worry less about competitors stealing your keywords and have more time to focus on finding the great deals the web has to offer.

One of the many key highlights of this section:

How to Use the Composition Index Secret to Acquire Amazing Deals


  • 19. Find The Demographics
  • 20. Freebie
  • 21. Make Banner
  • 22. Buy Media
  • 23. Adbrite Test
  • 24. Expand Area


Week 5 – Email Drops

Traffic Dashboard Email Drops

The money is in the list. I’m sure that you’ve heard that phrase so many times already now that you must be sick of it. However, this advanced module will show you the power of list building and taking advantage of email drops.

One of the many key highlights of this section:

How to Generate 200 to 300 New Optins a Month, and Build Generous Income From Them


  • 25. Find Lists
  • 26. Ad Swaps
  • 27. Solo Mailings
  • 28. Joint Ventures
  • 29. Go Big
  • 30. Track Results


Week 6 – Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Dashboard Affiliate Marketing

The final week in the Traffic Dashboard, but by no means the least important. Using affiliates to generate traffic for you is Marlon’s specialty method for driving traffic, and he talks to you from experience. Sit back and let your affiliates do the work…

One of the many key highlights of this section:

How Marlon Recruited 32,000 Affiliates With Almost All Free Methods


  • 31. Choose Software
  • 32. Reseller Tools
  • 33. Mailing List
  • 34. Recruit Affiliates
  • 35. Motivate Affiliates
  • 36. Wrap Up



Module Layout


Now that you have some idea of the content that you will be getting in your dashboard, let’s have a look at how the content for each module is going to be laid out.

When you click on each of the icons, you will be getting a layout similar to the screenshot shown below:

Traffic Dashboard Released

The screenshot is only showing the top portion of the keyword research module, since it would be too long if I took a screenshot of the entire page. I’ve also taken the liberty of blurring out the text so that you won’t be able to see a thing until you log in to your member’s area. :)

There are four main areas that you should be aware of for each module: the top, the left, the right, and the bottom.

At the top of the screen, you probably noticed that there is a navigation bar. You can go back and forth between modules, go home back to the main Traffic Dashboard control panel, and you can even print out each module for your viewing convenience.

On the right of the screen, you will find the resource area. This area generally contains additional resources that will help you in learning and understanding the material. These resources include personal tips, a glossary of technical terms, links to case studies and actual traffic generation examples, as well news tidbits on the latest traffic updates and trends.

On the left of the screen, you will find the main column, and this is where the bulk of the material related to each module will be found. You will find a lot of information and screenshots included. Also, each module will have its content broken down into simple steps that you can follow and go through.

Categorization of the module by Steps allows you to have a logical understanding of how your actions should be organized, as well as allowing you to quickly refer back to the steps you need to carry out in each module. Each module is broken down into as simple tidbits as possible, so that you can easily consume the content without feeling overwhelmed.

At the bottom of the screen, once you have gone through all the content, you will find the assignment area. This area gives you a brief summary and action steps for the tasks that you will need to be carrying out each day.

There’s no fear of getting confused about what to do after going through everything. Your action plan is already prepared for you at the bottom of the screen. ;)

Well, now that you know what you’ll be seeing on the inside, you definitely won’t get lost once you get in. :)

I hope you found this walkthrough of the module layouts in the Traffic Dashboard to be useful. Now let’s have a quick overview of the features that you will be gaining access to once again…



Key Features Overview


Unlike many internet marketing ebooks and courses, the Traffic Dashboard makes it very easy to go through and refer back to the material.

If you’ve forgotten something and need to refer back, just go the appropriate module and you will quickly find what you need. The benefits of not having a video course are such that it’s very easy to find information.

Furthermore, the Traffic Dashboard is hosted online, and so it is compatible for Mac, PC, and any OS out there. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access the dashboard 24 / 7.

There’s so much content and valuable material included in the Dashboard that you can’t even compare it with standard courses out there. The term ‘traffic generation on steroids‘ suits this product well…

You will be able to learn both paid and free methods of traffic generation, and it is a product that caters to almost everyone…



Daily Dosage


You might be wondering about the proper way to go through the Traffic Dashboard. You’ve seen the screenshots, you know what type of material there is to be found inside, and you know how it has all been lined up for you.

However, the approach to using the dashboard might vary depending on your point of current situation.

The standard and recommended way to use the dashboard would be to start from the first module, and to commit to completing one module each day until you reach the end of the dashboard.

This puts you on track with bite-sized steps that will give accumulated results over time. The following of the logical sequence also makes it much easier to consume the material.

Another way that you could approach the dashboard would be to start from the weekly traffic generation category that you are most interested in, take what you need, take action on what you learned, and then continue on with a different category later.

If you are more of an advanced marketer who already has a strong basic foundation of traffic generation principles, though you will still find some valuable gems from each module, you might want to jump directly into what you are most interested in learning more about.

If in doubt, just go through all the modules one by one and you will gain great benefit from them.

The modules are not very time consuming, and most modules will probably take you somewhere between half an hour to an hour to get through. There are six modules a week, so you can take a day off on Sunday. :)





There are a ton of benefits that come as a part of the Traffic Dashboard. These benefits are mainly what help it to stand out from the crowd as a unique traffic generation product. The benefits that you can get from using the Traffic Dashboard include:

  • Access to an up-to-date system that still works, fresh from the workshop for this year, and taking into account even the latest Google Algorithm change that has wiped out many.
  • Ownership of a powerful dashboard that will provide you with much more value than what you would typically get from an internet marketing product.
  • Development of a traffic generation system that you can use to send laser targeted visitors to your blog, website, and affiliate links too.
  • Building a variety of different traffic streams that will keep you safe by reducing the risk of relying on a single stream of traffic.
  • Highly qualified traffic from the top traffic sources on the web, covering the most popular and powerful traffic generation methods used by the most experienced marketers.
  • A product that is simple and easy to go through, feeds you info in bite-sized chunks, and allows you to quickly go through it in just an hour or so a day.
  • Massive bargain value, getting over three years worth of research, experimentation and testing for one low price.
  • Over 15 different traffic generation blueprints for the price of one.
  • Gain access to the minds of some of the top experts in the field of the various types of traffic generations.
  • Eliminate the crutches in your mind that have set in due to all the lies, myths, and misconceptions that come with traffic generation with real facts, results and statistics.
  • A course that gives you the actual truth, with no vested interest or bias towards any one particular traffic generation technique because it teaches you all of them.
  • A full template that you can follow and use, completely reducing the amount of guesswork and thinking that you need to do.
  • Save a massive amount of time and effort due to the elimination of bulky videos, and make full use of detailed screenshots and step by step explanations.
  • Leverage the power of many top experts as opposed to just one.
  • The A to Z formula for bringing your traffic from zero to a thousand daily and beyond.
  • Increase your traffic, increase your sales, increase your profits, and increase your success.
  • And much more…





Of course, regardless of how amazingly done a product is, no product is perfect and there will surely be some flaws here and there.

The Traffic Dashboard is no different, though I can’t say that it has a lot of flaws. :)

One of the things that you might notice when going through the dashboard would be the fact that there are a few small spelling errors and typos here and there. Normally, this might seem a bit unprofessional.

But when you consider the massive volume of content available in the Traffic Dashboard, you can understand that it would be unavoidable. Something filled with so much material would unavoidably have a few typos here and there.

The next problem might be for those of you who are hardcore video junkies. If you can’t go through a course without having to rely on video, then this might be a potential problem.

However, I really don’t think you will encounter much difficulty because the dashboard is filled with clear screenshots that show you exactly what to do and when to do it. On the contrary, I think that you would most probably find the format to be even better than video.

You might even give up watching videos altogether. :)

The steps and concepts in Traffic Dashboard are proven methods that really work, so quality-wise you won’t have to worry about anything at all…

Though one thing I would be a bit worried about is that the Affiliate Marketing module requires you to have your own product in order to work. However, this course doesn’t cover product creation.

No worries though. This problem is solved if you get the additional free items available from the Traffic Dashboard Bonus Diamond Edition. :)





From our little walkthrough of the Traffic Dashboard product, as well going through all the features and benefits of the product, I’m sure that you’ve seen the massive amounts of value you can get along each and every step of the way.

Even if it were as it is by itself, it would still be an amazingly great product.

But in addition to what you are able to get from the Dashboard itself, you will also be provided with some amazing bonuses. These bonuses alone would have been worth the price of the product, so it’s a really great additional deal.

Here’s the list of available bonuses below…


Traffic Dashboard Bonus Diamond EditionBonus #1 - Exclusive Traffic Dashboard Bonus Diamond Edition

Get the Diamond Edition of Traffic Dashboard at no additional cost to you! More complimentary tools, techniques, and items to turbocharge your marketing. Exclusive bonus edition only available from our Traffic Dashboard Bonus page for friends of The Mysterious Marketer.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Sean Mize InterviewBonus #2 - An Interview with Sean Mize (#1 Ezine Articles Author)

Sean Mize is the absolute #1 Ezine Articles author. The top author of the top article directory on the web shares his secrets in this exclusive interview with Marlon Sanders on article marketing traffic generation strategies. Article marketing can be all you need to profit and prosper.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Peter Parks InterviewBonus #3 - An Interview with Peter Parks (Web 2.0 Expert)

Peter Parks is a Web 2.0 expert and a popular speaker at internet marketing events. He builds rankings and uses traffic to gather commission checks with ease by using Web 2.0 properties. Discover how he ranked #1 for a highly competitive (1 billion competitor) keyword in Google.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Actual Keyword RankingsBonus #4 - Actual Keyword Rankings

A statistical data analysis report showing you 50 random long tail keywords, and assessing what type of online web property ranked best for those keywords. Is it article directories, Web 2.0 sites, Amazon, press release sites, YouTube, or some other site that you’ve never heard about before?


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Ultimate Automation ProgramBonus #5 - Ultimate Automation Program 30 Day Trial

Get access to Marlon Sanders’ Ultimate Automation Program with this thirty day trial. This automation program allows you to get a business up and running in an hour and does almost everything for you, from taking orders to sending out surveys and more. Automation at its best.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Affiliate CommissionsBonus #6 - 70% Commission On This Product

By purchasing the product, you earn the right to get a 70% commission on the Traffic Dashboard program. If you don’t purchase Traffic Dashboard, you can still promote the product, but you will not be paid for your first few sales. In other words, you lose out if you don’t purchase the product.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Live Traffic Monitoring SoftwareBonus #7 - Where to Get Traffic Monitoring Software

Did you see the cool video demonstration on the Traffic Dashboard sales page? Other than walking you through the dashboard, Marlon used a very cool live traffic monitoring software that worked in real time. If you purchase traffic dashboard, he’ll show you how you can get it for use.


Traffic Dashboard Bonus - Live Conference CallBonus #8 - Quick Start Conference Call with Marlon Sanders

This exclusive LIVE quick start conference call will enable you to gain access to a quick jump start to your traffic generation as Marlon walks you through the Traffic Dashboard. This bonus is only available for customers for a LIMITED TIME until April 15th, 2011. So purchase soon!




Pricing and Purchase


There are two pricing points for Traffic Dashboard, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Both are one time payments, and so you won’t have to worry about recurring billing after that. :)

Normal Edition: The Normal Edition of Traffic Dashboard costs $59.97 and includes everything mentioned above.

Turbo Edition: The Turbo Edition of Traffic Dashboard costs $79.97 and includes everything in the normal edition, plus special access to the Marlon Sanders Push Button Articles software.

The Push Button Articles software is an article templating software that helps you to create articles at a rapid pace. It normally costs $15 a month, but you will be able to get lifetime access to it for a one-time addition of $20 on your investment.

This point-and-click software provides you with 9 fill-in-the-blank templates to create your articles in no time. Doesn’t include spinning or submission.

Diamond Edition: The Diamond Edition of Traffic Dashboard is available for free at no additional cost, and it stacks on top of the Normal and Turbo Edition. Thus you have the choice of getting either Diamond Normal or Diamond Turbo. It contains a series of additional bonus tools and information that you can use to complement your learnings.

However, the Diamond Edition is an exclusive edition, only available for purchase from our Traffic Dashboard Bonus page. Just follow the steps at the bottom of the page to gain access to the Diamond Edition.

If you are considering about which edition would suit you best, whether you choose the Normal or the Turbo Edition, getting the Diamond Normal or Diamond Turbo is the best offer without a doubt…


Payment options for Traffic Dashboard include Credit Card and PayPal. You can choose either one.

Payment is made on a one-time basis only, and you won’t encounter any recurring billing for this product.

Furthermore, you will gain a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back deal. Not only that, but it seems that Marlon Sanders is giving away a Quadruple Your Money Back Guarantee. In other words, if you invest in the dashboard, follow the steps, and it doesn’t work for you, he’ll give you back four times the money you paid for the product.



Affiliate Program


Purchasing the program gives you exclusive access and right to earn 70% commissions with this product as an affiliate. However, you only gain the direct benefits of the affiliate program by purchasing.

You can directly promote the Traffic Dashboard program as an affiliate without purchasing the product, but you will not be paid for the first few sales if you do so. You will only start getting paid after your fourth sale. In other words, you will be giving up about $140 if you choose to promote this product without purchasing first.

Since the product costs $59.97 or $79.97, you will save yourself from a loss of $50 to $100 by choosing to purchase the product before becoming an affiliate for it.

Besides, you will probably have better results promoting a product that you have already purchased and tested out, and know for sure that it’s amazing. ;)




As all good things must come to an end, you have reached the final section of this review.

After going through the entire dashboard, finally in the end you will reach the Wrap Up module….

In this module, Marlon Sanders expresses his concern for users of the Traffic Dashboard and gives some tips and a short guide on things that you should avoid and how best to use the dashboard in the most powerful way.

Going through this dashboard, you can really feel that Marlon has put a lot of heart and effort into it. Not only does it give you great information and processes, but you can really feel a connection with the author of the dashboard as he explains the countless testings and research that have gone into the product.

Being a customer and user of the Traffic Dashboard myself, I can confidently say that it is a great product that you will keep learning from again and again. A highly recommended buy…

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

I will also be adding some of the more frequently asked questions to the list below…



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. With the recent Google Panda Update, is article marketing obsolete now? Does the article marketing section of Traffic Dashboard still work?

A. That’s a good question. Traffic Dashboard is a very fresh and up to date course, and so, it has even taken the recent Google Panda Update into account. As such, no worries about that…

Also, Marlon is planning to provide some audios and videos about the change in Google algorithm with respect to the various related sections of the course.


Q. How does Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard compare to Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard?

A. That’s another popular question that’s being frequently asked. Internet marketer, Kim Roach, also released a product with the same name, Traffic Dashboard, recently.

Of course, as you can tell, both products are all about traffic. They are also both similarly in a dashboard format.

A couple of key differences:

  • Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard is broken down into very simple steps and is presented in a logical manner for you to go through. Kim’s Traffic Dashboard isn’t really step by step, and is more of a collection of different methods for you to choose from.
  • Marlon’s dashboard is more text and screenshot oriented, whereas Kim’s is more video oriented, needing more time to go through.
  • Whereas Kim spent countless days in order to create her dashboard, Marlon has spent countless months and years in preparing his product and the difference shows.
  • When it comes to the amount of sheer content and tested information available, the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard has much much more in comparison to Kim’s Dashboard. The amazing thing is that, even though it has so much content, Marlon was able to break it down in such an organized and simple way that it is easy to digest and follow through.
  • Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard is the result of collaboration and learning from several different experts in their area of traffic generation in addition to his own experience, whereas Kim’s dashboard is based more on the results of her own research, though she has done some interviews too.

All in all, if I had a choice and could only choose one, I would choose the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard, considering that both of them are almost the same in terms of price.

Kim’s Traffic Dashboard is really good as well, and she provides some great methods and out-of-the-box information. However, another reason why I would rather take Marlon’s dashboard if I had only one choice is because most of the content in Kim’s dashboard is already freely available from sources such as on her blog, email list, and Warrior Forum threads.

She may have made a few tweaks here and there, but other than that it’s very easy to find the traffic related information that she has given away in the past.

But still, both of them are good products, and if you have the money to spare, get the Kim Roach Traffic Dashboard as well. :) Two heads are better than one.

However, if you can’t afford it, then getting the Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard is the obvious choice…


[like-lock]Don’t forget to visit this page to get the best offer with the free Traffic Dashboard Diamond Edition! :)

Also, here’s a sneak peak at some powerful Squidoo strategies that you will be able to learn…[/like-lock]