Shane Melaugh

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Allen has been a very valuable affiliate from day one. He was among the first to join my affiliate program and he’s been sending a steady stream of traffic ever since.

He’s also fantastic to work with and I’ve gotten some great input and suggestions from him, concerning my products and affiliate program. I’m very glad to have him on board!

Shane Melaugh



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I’d just like to say that Allen Walker is one of my top partners, and he is generating steady sales for us.

What impresses me most about Allen is that most of his traffic is not from lists.  Making sales from lists is easy, but Allen seems to generate the majority of his sales from cold traffic, and that is something that not many people can do.

This proves that he is not just a successful Affiliate Marketer, but that he has a thorough grasp of Internet Marketing and Traffic Generation.

Allen is an underground (mysterious) Marketer who goes about his stuff quietly and does not feel the need to blow his own trumpet… unlike some other so-called Super Affiliates. ;)

Take it from me… Allen Walker is the real deal.